Why Inflammation? is an online workshop designed to educate a lay audience about inflammatory conditions and offer a coherent plan for addressing the issue holistically. This plan will center around homotoxicology and restoring the "biological terrain" as outlined in the work of Dr. Harvey Bigelsen.

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation about inflammation, and our goal is to provide an in-depth yet accessible way for people to understand and make informed decisions about treatment options as well as take preventative measures.

We are assembling a group of experts on the topic from the field of integrative and holistic medicine. They will present on a broad range of complementary and overlapping topics which create a context for understanding the "big picture" while also providing concrete steps for finding real solutions.

The event will feature over two dozen specialists, and be pre-recorded in video format. It will be initially presented online in early 2018 and set up as an "evergreen" type event as the information is not time bound. It may also be presented in other formats.

Participating experts include: Dr. Harvey Bigelsen, Dr. Alex Loyd, Dr. Thomas Levy, Dr. William Lee Cowden, Dr. Norm Shealy, Dr. Michael Rankin, Richard Flook, MJ Pangman, James Templeton, Ann Louise Gittleman, Mary Coyle, Sandra Weizman, Cilla Whatcott, PJ Broadfoot, Marlene Siegel, and more.

Topics will include but not be limited to:

  • A holistic understanding of the body, the "biological terrain," homeostasis, etc.
  • Nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, detoxification and other "preventative" measures.
  • Conventional treatments: medications such as steroids, PRP and other therapies.
  • Inflammation as a "side effect" of other treatments or interventions such as medications, surgeries, birth control, etc.
  • Dentistry and the mouth and how it plays a large part in the process.
  • Difficult conditions like lyme, lupus, eczema, etc.
  • Inflammation in different stages of life.
  • Sports related inflammation and how to address it, with particular emphasis on youth sports and development.
  • Holistic or integrative approaches such as supplements, essential oils, mind-body, devices such as light, sound, PEMF, Thermography, etc. 

Event Structure

The content will be presented over a short window, with material sent out daily. It will appear as an "event" to the end user, but available for promotion on an ongoing basis, not just during a single launch period.

This event differs from the standard "summit" in  a few ways. 

  • Each topic is chosen to fit into the context of an overall plan, so everything fits together.
  • Only part of the information will be provided for free, with purchase required for full access.
  • Promoters may keep all their optins inside their own email system, allowing them to segment while not diluting their lists.
  • We're creating a collaborative product that will be evergreen and provide ongoing revenue.  You can choose to promote it on your schedule, when it is right for you.
  • Nothing is being "pitched" during the interviews, they are 100% content focused.


The event will be monetized through sale of the content and sponsorships. Each expert presentation will be done in two parts. The first is background and overview, and will be what is presented in the free part of the event. The 2nd half will be focused on action steps. This material will only be provided to clients who pay for full access to the event.

Affiliate commissions will be provided on event sales. The "Front end" will offer 50% commission on the $97 initial price point, moving up to $197 at the end of the event. The "backend" product will be different offerings of holographic blood analysis by Dr. Bigelsen's team. This will pay 30% on packages ranging from $349 to $749 with an ongoing subscription option. (These prices are subject to change, but this is a minimum level.)

We're open to offering other upsells or options that fit with the theme of the event, and can even customize this for specific promoters, on a case-by-case basis.

The interview host is Sandra Crowe, a specialist in dealing with difficult people and situations, who chronicled her own journey of recovery from chemical injury in her book, I Didn't Sign Up for This!

Event production is by Mike Broadwell, who has created and produced multiple online summits, workshops, and events in the fields of holistic health, self help, and energy healing. You can learn more about and contact him here.