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How to Fast Track Your Online Marketing

Bring out your best without tripping over the tech stuff...

Marketing, at its core, is communicating what you do in a way that's powerful and effective. It doesn't need to be manipulative or disingenuous. When the goal is touching people in ways that expand and build them up, that solve real problems and open up understanding and possibility, it's a glorious calling. 

Marketing Consulting

Collaboratively Develop a Plan That's Right for You

If you've got special knowledge, skill, or experience to share with a wider audience, how you market yourself is key. There is no "cookie cutter" or one-size-fits-all solution out there. But there are endless choices and possibilities. How do you know who to choose?

Isn't that the same problem your potential client or customer is facing? Who do they choose? Who can they trust? Why should they choose you? 

You can solve their problem. You can help. So how do you communicate that message? How do you win their trust? That's marketing. It's not separate from what you "do" - it's an essential part of it. You've got more of the answers than you realize. I'm here to help you uncover them.


Conversion Optimized Sales Pages and Marketing Copy

While a collaborative approach to copy is recommended, it's not always feasible. I can create sales and marketing copy for you. This is quoted on a project basis, and topics should be wholesome and helpful. 

Copy samples will be provided on request. For one example, you can check out the sales page for the Breakthrough Factory which is described below.

Breakthrough Factory

Get YOU Right, and the Rest is Details...

A customized program designed to assist solopreneurs and knowledge specialists develop their online marketing and an online product. We take care of the technical details while providing targeted one-on-one coaching to help you develop your core messaging.

An ideal way to start out and hit the ground running. Shave years off the learning curve.

Video Production

Looking to better engage potential clients and customers who visit your website? Video has become the number one medium for presenting your message. There are several ways to incorporate video into your marketing without spending a lot on production costs. 

Website Development

Need an effective and cost efficient website? I use top-of-the-line Thrive Themes and plugins to build fast, conversion optimized websites for clients. While my emphasis is on the content and messaging, I can provide just the website if that's all you need.

Joint Venture Summits and Workshops

Collaborative or Joint Venture marketing is one of the quickest ways to expand your reach. But it has to be done right. I can help you through the entire process, from inception to completion.

Creator and developer of the Living Energy Secrets teleseminar series, Living Energy Workshops, the New YOU Year and Back Hope telesummits, and the Living Energy Day 24 hour teleseminar marathon series. Mike's brought many people into the teleseminar circuit in the self help and health and wellness fields. He has produced and consulted on several other telesummit events.

Why Inflammation?

Sandra Crowe

Some people get you excited... Mike gets you going.

“If you have the big picture of what you want to do, but don’t have the nuts and bolts, Mike is your man. He can help you brand, expand, and implement your idea. He can make a telesummit work for you by aligning what you do with who you are. Some people get you excited… Mike gets you going. Let him take the guesswork out and put the results in.”.

He knows the technical stuff as well as the business strategy side

"In a couple of hours I learned more from Mike about the ins and outs of tele-summits and how to promote them than I ever learned from anyone else. He knows the technical stuff as well as the business strategy side. And he loves seeing good content get out there."
Ken Christian

Jeanne Capodano

He removed the technical barriers which saved me hours...

"Mike was able to help me put all the parts together in a clear and logical manner. He removed the technical barriers which saved me hours of time and effort. His calm, assuring manner was a big boost to my confidence..."

About Mike Broadwell

With over 30 years experience in engineering and technical sales and over 14 years working in online marketing, Mike brings a unique blend of  technical and creative skills.  He's naturally skilled at connecting people, and has collaborated with dozens of leading specialists in self help, energy healing, and holistic health and wellness. He spearheaded the successful development of an electronic  liquid particle counting system, and is a published author in that field.