Fusing light with natural elements for enhanced wellness...

Fusion Light Therapy

Ancient wisdom blended with modern technology

Mike Broadwell has spent the last decade specializing in fusion light therapy, working with leading specialists in the fields of integrative health and a wide range of related fields. He offers training, consulting and ongoing support for practioners and individuals.

Fusion Light Therapy

Full Spectrum Light, Crystals, Color and more...

Safe and effective mind/body technique for enhancing physical, mental, and emotional wellness.  The combination of elements creates a synergistic effect where the whole is larger than the sum of the parts.  Fusion Light Therapy is an ideal complement to virtually any modality. Best results are achieved from taking a contextual, terrain based approach as opposed to a simplistic linear, "magic pill" one. 

Fusion light can also be used to structure and enhance water, essential oils, liquids, cremes and even wine!

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Bonus Webinar: Why Crystals Support Healing

A live webinar with Mike and Charles Matthew, an engineer with 40 years background in crystal healing work. Crystals are the foundation of modern electronic technology and computers, and there's a direct correlation with how they work on the human body.

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Structured Water, Remineralized &  Hydrogen Enhanced Water Filtration

Advanced Hydration Under-Sink System with No Waste or Electricity

Take the next step in advanced in-home water filtration. Recommended by the Hydration Foundation, it's the next step beyond Reverse Osmosis and water ionizers. Click on the image or button below to get a full overview of what we have to offer.

Summits and Workshops

Creator and developer of the Living Energy Secrets teleseminar series, Living Energy Workshops, the New YOU Year and Back Hope telesummits, and the Living Energy Day 24 hour teleseminar marathon series. Mike has a long history with collaborative events in the self help, energy healing, and health & wellness fields. He has produced and consulted on several other telesummit events.

Why Inflammation?

Sandra Crowe


Some people get you excited... Mike gets you going.

“If you have the big picture of what you want to do, but don’t have the nuts and bolts, Mike is your man. He can help you brand, expand, and implement your idea. He can make a telesummit work for you by aligning what you do with who you are. Some people get you excited… Mike gets you going. Let him take the guesswork out and put the results in.”.

He knows the technical stuff as well as the business strategy side

"In a couple of hours I learned more from Mike about the ins and outs of tele-summits and how to promote them than I ever learned from anyone else. He knows the technical stuff as well as the business strategy side. And he loves seeing good content get out there."
Ken Christian


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He removed the technical barriers which saved me hours...

"Mike was able to help me put all the parts together in a clear and logical manner. He removed the technical barriers which saved me hours of time and effort. His calm, assuring manner was a big boost to my confidence..."

About Mike Broadwell

An electrical engineer by training, Mike spent over 25 years in technology before moving full time into health and wellness related work. He's worked with many of the leading lights in energy healing and integrative wellness in the US and UK. He enjoys finding and sharing innovative technologies and connecting people for mutual benefit.